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Young teen 'gave up' on trying to stop sex with boyfriend

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl "surrendered" to her 17-year-old boyfriend's persistent sexual touching, "allowing" him to have sex with her four times in two days.

The 17-year-old yesterday pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court to four counts of carnal knowledge with a child under 16, as she sat at the back of the court supported by her father.

The court was told the teenage boy had been allowed in the teenage girl's bedroom at her mother's house and there was a lack of supervision which Judge Michael Burnett criticised.

"As a parent myself, I would never have let a young man in my daughter's room unchaperoned at any time, nevertheless late at night," he said.

The judge said the lack of supervision was an invitation for such offending to occur.

"You are not charged with rape but it came very close to it," he said to the defendant.

Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence said the offences occurred while the teenagers were at the girl's mother's house in February, with two acts of sexual intercourse on the Friday night and two on Saturday.

"It started by him pulling her on top of him," she said.

Ms Lawrence said the girl hugged the defendant and he touched her sexually.

She said the girl pushed him away but he persisted and she "allowed him to have sex with her".

"It caused her pain and he didn't use any kind of protection," Ms Lawrence said.

She said they had sex again later that night and the girl told him to stop at one stage and he did.

Ms Lawrence said the next day, he moved her on top of him again.

"She gave up on pushing him away," she said.

Ms Lawrence said after this act, the girl complained of stomach pain and took painkillers.

She said she was woken later by the defendant who wanted sex again.

Ms Lawrence said the defendant called the victim on Sunday and asked her if he had forced her, to which she responded yes.

She said the victim told her father what happened and they immediately went to police and the hospital.

The victim suffered a tear to her vagina and contracted a sexually transmitted infection.

The court heard the girl changed her habits after that weekend out of fear of seeing the defendant, which affected her schooling.

Her personality changed and she now suffers from nightmares and flashbacks, writing about self-harm in her diary which was noticed by her father.

The court heard the girl no longer had a relationship with her mother after the adult sided with the teenage boy.

"I cannot see this ending," her father wrote in his impact statement about the emotional, mental and financial impact this has had on the girl and family.

Judge Burnett said it appeared the girl "surrendered to sex rather than having actively engaged in it".

He ordered the defendant to a two-year probation order and 20 hours of community service.