Australian vaccine set for overseas test

The effectiveness of a University of Queensland vaccine for coronavirus is about to be tested in a biosecurity facility in the Netherlands.

The vaccine will be used on live coronavirus for the first time to determine how effectively it induces protection against infection.

UQ's vaccine program co-leader Dr Keith Chappell said the trial will establish a critical package of data ahead of human clinical trials later this year. Clinical studies will be conducted by Viroclinics Xplore which offers a myriad of preclinical tests including toxicology of drugs, antibodies, and antivirals targeting viral infectious diseases.


UQ created COVID-19 in its laboratory and then set about designing a vaccine to combat the virus.

The vaccine locks the "spike" protein into a shape which allows the immune system to be able to recognise and neutralise it.

UQ's Professor Trent Munro said beginning a large multi-arm study at Viroclinics Xplore was critical, before human testing, because it would establish a more comprehensive understanding of how the vaccine performs.

Originally published as UQ coronavirus vaccine set for overseas test