US Comedian Conan O'Brien in Sydney with Sydney Swans Players. Credit: Instagram
US Comedian Conan O'Brien in Sydney with Sydney Swans Players. Credit: Instagram

Swans legend roasts US talk show host

First it was Hollywood star Natalie Portman lurking around the Melbourne Demons, now it's US talk show king Conan O'Brien strutting his stuff at Sydney Swans training.

The American funnyman brought plenty of laughs with him when he took his show on the road to visit a Swans training session at Henson Park in Sydney's inner west.

He just wasn't expecting the zingers to come flying back at him.

That's exactly what happened according to the Swans, when club legend and 2005 premiership hero Nick Davis stepped up to interview the 55-year-old.

O'Brien has come to Australia to continue filming his Netflix series CONAN: Without Borders and is hosting just one show in Australia at the Sydney State Theatre on Wednesday night.

He's been spotted trying to squeeze in as many stereotypically Australian things as possible during his whirlwind visit and was reportedly sighted getting his rig out at Bondi Beach.

That's why he rocked up to Swans pre-season training on Wednesday, eager to get stuck in.

Only I may dance.
Only I may dance.

O'Brien, who looked incredibly tall standing next to Swans players, including Zak Jones and Luke Parker, said he was able to take to the foreign sport like a Swan to water. His jokes didn't really improve from there.

Fortunately, Davis' did.

There was no sugarcoating his response when asked by O'Brien how many points the Swans would have to be ahead to risk putting him in the game for five minutes.

"Like, a hundred," Davis said with an expressionless face.

O'Brien was a broken man.

"You come across as a nice guy and you say more hurtful things than anyone I've ever met," he said with a grin.

The former writer of The Simpsons took a special liking to Swans champion Luke Parker, but escaping the clutches of the Sydney ball-winner was about his greatest victory for the day.

"I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I saw the guys," O'Brien said.

"These are young men. They train very hard. There is a lot of muscular, there's a lot of endurance.

US Comedian Conan O'Brien in Sydney with Luke Parker.
US Comedian Conan O'Brien in Sydney with Luke Parker.

"But the minute I saw the short shorts, I knew that this was the sport for me. I have very long, attractive legs, and I felt like this would show me at my best. So, I suited up and I think, as you saw, I took to the game like a swan to water."

O'Brien was recently challenged on live TV by Aussie icon Hugh Jackman to add Australia to his international filming schedule.

He agreed instantly.

"I looked into it and there's an old rule in show business, when Hugh Jackman tells you to do something, you do it. You have to," O'Brien said on his TV show.

The late night star will be hoping his visit to the Swans doesn't have similar repercussions to what Portman did when she declared herself a Demons fan with a visit to Melbourne training.

It put her on the receiving end of some less than kind sledges from rival fans when she was also touring Australia last year.

"I asked my friend who lives there: 'Can we see a game?' She said 'the season's over but I can arrange for us to go to a practice'," Portman told The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December.

Simon Goodwin never thought the day would come.
Simon Goodwin never thought the day would come.

"So we went to a practice and then they showed up with all these cameras and a jersey for me.

"Then all of a sudden people in the streets of Melbourne were like, 'we hate you, you support the Demons' and then other people are like, 'cool, we love you, Demons fan'. I'm like 'I have no idea, I just showed up'."

She described Aussie rules as a "hardcore" sport.

"My son watched Australian rules football on TV, which is sort of the 'platypus' of sports, I guess, because it's like you can bounce the ball but you kick it and then you tackle each other but no padding or helmets - it's like a crazy game," Portman said.

O'Brien was also taken by the lack of pads used by Aussie footballers - but he just couldn't get passed the shorts.