Today is Valentine's Day, and while flowers are the go-to choice of gift for many, buying them can be a bewildering and puzzling challenge.

Like many men unversed in the many aspects of romance, I don't know my lillies from my daisies and the only rose I know is Axl, which is why I sought some expert advice to try and and make the process easier for all.

First of all though, what's the deal with flowers on Valentine's Day?

"Flowers can evoke a range of emotions and they can be used to show your appreciation, your thanks and your love," Flowers by Bonnie owner Bonnie McGowan said.

"I think flowers are one of the best ways to express and show your love and appreciation for your partner, and while there's never a bad time to buy flowers and give them as a way of showing that love, Valentine's Day is a popular day to do it."

READY: Flowers by Bonnie owner Bonnie McGowan is prepared for this year's Valentine's Day.
READY: Flowers by Bonnie owner Bonnie McGowan is prepared for this year's Valentine's Day. Jarrard Potter

The first flower that comes to mind when thinking of love is the classic red rose, and Ms McGowan said while they're the traditional choice they're far from the only one available.

"Even during the summer while it's hot the roses are fine, but they don't quite live as long as some of our beautiful native and wildflowers," she said.

The bottom line: trust your florist!

"If you know exactly what your partner loves, get them, otherwise trust your local florist to create something for you," Ms McGowan said.

"It's not a common place to come for a lot of people, which is why we're prepared for everyone to just come in and pick something out. We've got selections made up, the shop is full of things ready to go so we will definitely look after you."

Ms McGowan said Flowers by Bonnie also deliver, if you want to surprise your loved one at work or have flowers arrive at your door.