Changes are ahead for Silver Sands Caravan Park at Evans Head.
Changes are ahead for Silver Sands Caravan Park at Evans Head. Samantha Elley

Van park owners at Evans Head win partial victory

CARAVAN owners at Evans Head have received a partial reprieve as NSW Crown Holiday Park Trust (NSWCHPT) announced the potential for 9 holiday caravan spaces in the upgraded park.

The letter, from NSWCHPT CEO Steve Edmonds, comes almost a month after tenants received their eviction notices on June 23.

Mr Edmonds said the decision to look into the possibility of a dedicated space for caravan owners followed the overwhelming feedback they received from the park tenants.

"We've obviously had some feedback from holiday van owners, quite a few of them understandably upset about having the leave the park," Mr Edmonds said.

"We've had another look at a section of the park where we think, particularly from a tourist point of view, there will be lower demand, so its the back end of the park up near the club itself."

Caravan owner, Jane Baker, said she was feeling mixed emotions about her letter which she received via email on Monday night, July 17.

"Our initial response, was a mixture of great excitement that we might get to stay but also one of great distrust, then what are they up to?" Mrs Baker said.

Since the eviction notice in June the park has already become a "ghost town", with approximately only 40 vans still on site, she said.

Mr Edmonds said the decision will be based on whether services in the selected areas will be accessible for these vans.

"We believe that it can be done but we have just got to make sure we've got the right sort of servicing up there, we don't want to promise someone with a site and not be able to provide them with the correct amenities," he said.

NSWCHPT said they will know more in the next few weeks.

"People who are interested in relocating their van if they haven't done so already could be potential candidates," Mr Edmonds said.

"Should we have more people express than available sites well then we will have to take a ballot situation."

However, Mrs Baker said this is too late for those people who already have contracts to get rid of there vans.

"While we are on hold, we could lose that deal with that person or company arranged to move our van," she said.

"Management needs to be realistic, in it's a huge big park, it's underutilised, nothing they do is going to change to occupancy rate and there is plenty of room to leave these vans where they are."