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Fry's Vegetarian Sweet Chilli Chicken Style Salad Contributed

Vegetarians' appetite for change

VEGETARIANS won't be feeling the love at traditional Australian barbecues this summer, but views about their diets are changing.

A study by meat alternative brand Fry's Vegetarian found 71 per cent of vegetarians are expected to go hungry at meat-dominated barbecues this summer.

More than half of vegetarians believe they are poorly catered for at Aussie barbecues, and 54 per cent bring their own food with them.

The research also showed that many meat-eaters do not like preparing meals for vegetarians, even though they are becoming more accepting of a vegetarian diet.

About half of meat-eaters admitted they would go an entire day without eating meat because they believe it is good for their health and wellbeing.

Founder of Fry's Vegetarian, Wally Fry, believes that the health benefits and positive environmental impacts of a green diet are slowly changing people's attitudes towards vegetarian diets.

"Australian attitudes towards a vegetarian diet are shifting, and the majority of the Australian population is well aware of the many advantages," he said.

The study revealed that Australians are willing to embrace a vegetarian diet despite the high number of meat-dominated social occasions.

Mark Berriman, director of the Australian Vegetarian Society, said that it is important to remember that "meat production impacts so heavily on our health, our environment, food security and the welfare of animals".

"Fortunately, these days, eating vegetarian is much easier. There are so many options now available that it is increasingly popular as a dietary choice by Australians who sincerely care about what is happening in our world today," he said.

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