A TRAIL-BIKE rider has died after suffering from a 'medical condition' during a ride with mates at Imbil earlier today.


Fatal at Imbil
Heartbreaking scenes as rider (pictured) mourns the loss of his friend at Imbil State Forest. Troy Jegers

The 51-year-old man from Brisbane, is believed to have suffered a heart-attack, moments before falling off his trail bike at Imbil State Forest just after 11am.

Devastated friends performed CPR on their mate for 15 minutes before paramedics arrived. They said they've lost a few mates recently and were struggling with the news today.


Fatal at Imbil
Friends are mourning the loss of their mate who died earlier today. Troy Jegers

"Today we attended the Imbil State Forest after a trail-bike rider suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in the forestry," QAS Officer In Charge Wayne Thompson said.

"On arrival CPR was being performed by his friends and despite the great efforts of them, the man was unable to be revived."


The 51 year olds trail bike at fatal in the Ibil State Forest
The 51-year-olds bike at Imbil State Forest. Troy Jegers

The Forensic Police Unit are investigating the incident.