LISMORE Greens candidate Adam Guise ended his Saturday night election party with a call on sitting MP Thomas George to give up the fight for his seat.

The comments came after Mr Guise told supporters the strong result for the Greens in Lismore meant they had won the battle against coal seam gas.

"Thomas needs to think very carefully about conceding this electorate," Mr Guise said.

"Does he want to sit here for another four years when this electorate has voted overwhelmingly against coal seam gas?"

The comments came at a time when the vote in Lismore looked almost equally probable it could end with either Mr Guise, Mr George or Labor candidate Isaac Smith.

In the time since then Mr Guise appeared the most likely to win the seat, but since yesterday the count has begun to favour the sitting MP, with Mr George now holding close to 43% of Lismore's primary vote.

And, unlikely as it may be that Mr George would accept Mr Guise's invitation to throw in the towel, were Mr George to win the seat and then resign the move would more likely result in a by-election than it being handed to his runner-up.