A FURIOUS man in a red flannelette shirt appears to have been caught in the midst of a racist tirade on a Melbourne train line, first verbally abusing an Indian passenger, then a woman who attempted to film him.

Ange Lawther from Melbourne told the Herald Sun the man had begun telling an Indian man to 'f--- off'.

Ms Lawther said the man then "started swearing and racially abusing the guy saying, 'you come here take all our jobs now you want to take my seat' and other crap like that.

She said she stood up for the man being abused and told the abusive passenger to shut up.

In the video she took, she says the abusive man now takes issue at another passenger who he accuses of smiling at him.

It ends with the man batting her phone away.

On her Facebook post, Ms Lawther wrote: "I'm a bit shaken. He was going on about this guy taking all the jobs and being a real prick. 

"I started filming becasue his aggression was escalating.

"As you can see he gets all up in the other guy's face after threatening to head butt him.

"Reported it to the driver who did nothing."