IF YOU asked every single Gympie region resident, most would have one or two or twenty ghost stories to tell you.

Halloween brings those stories back to the forefront, whether they're first-hand encounters with the paranormal, fables passed down through generations or simply a yarn you hear from a friend.


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Josh Preston stands outside the Gympie Times office during a “paranormal investigation”.
Josh Preston stands outside the Gympie Times office during a “paranormal investigation”.

The storytelling is what I love most about this time of the year, because the best stories always draw on our shared fear of the unknown, and because everyone wants to be a part of the conversation.

Gympie Doctor zombie Mitchell Seng
Gympie Doctor zombie Mitchell Seng

Gympie has no shortage of haunts and spooks. Most of our old buildings, rich with history, supposedly remain home to lingering presences from years gone by.

The Mary Valley Rattler and Old Gympie Station has drawn visits from paranormal investigators.

The shadowy figure of a long-dead doctor still looms near the bar at Kingston House.

Ron West believes multiple spirits roam the corridors of the Pomona Majestic Theatre, including his late wife Mandy.

Just last year The Gympie Times journeyed to Goomeri in search of ghostly activity inside the town's 90-year-old hotel - the site of a destructive fire on December 23, 1939 which claimed nine lives.

But what about The Gympie Times office on Nash St, the former home of the Gympie Ambulance Station?

I've not yet been working here two years, and already I've heard countless stories of things going bump in the night inside our very building.

The word is one former paramedic has taken up residence here, as well as a little girl who was brought here in the back of an ambulance but could not be revived.

We even had a former staff member flee the building in a panicked state one night last year, when they were certain a presence had snuck up behind them and made a large "booming" sound.

So this week, myself and cameraman Troy Jegers decided to swap our day jobs for new careers in ghost hunting.

Off went the lights and down went the blinds in the both board rooms, the newsroom and the kitchen - the site of the infamous encounter mentioned above.

In a few tense moments I was convinced I'd hear a hoarse whisper pierce the pitch darkness, or feel a rogue hand clasp my shoulder from behind, but unfortunately we failed to capture anything of the hair-raising kind.

Unless, of course, our camera caught the whispers and spectral figures we couldn't feel.