CHILD ABUSE: A Mackay man has pleaded guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship and raping his little niece.
CHILD ABUSE: A Mackay man has pleaded guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship and raping his little niece. Choreograph

Vile Mackay uncle sexually abuses little girl for years

A VILE uncle was both "excited and sickened" by his desire for a little girl who he raped and repeatedly sexually abused.

She was his niece and aged eight to 12 during his foul conduct over four years in Mackay.

The man, who cannot be named because it would identify his victim, would creep into her room while she was asleep soon after she moved into the home he shared with his mother.

She would wake to find him behind her, touching her and removing her clothes.

"She continued to lay still, she was scared to move," Crown Prosecutor Gavin Webber said.

Twice he raped her briefly.

The child told police his sexual abuse would happen "pretty often, but it was bad when he'd been drinking"; however, she could not really recall specifics.

Now 46, the man pleaded guilty in Mackay District Court to one count each of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, rape and digital rape.

"He said to police it made him feel a little bit excited and sick at the same time," Mr Webber said.

The court heard he first noticed he had feelings for her when she walked in on him naked shortly after she began living with her grandmother.

He then began deliberately being naked around her, playing with her on the bed, cuddling and touching before it escalated further.

Her grandmother was usually cooking and her brothers were playing nearby when he molested her.

The court heard the maintaining charge came from the man's own admission to police after the girl told a school guidance counsellor about the offending mid-last year.

Defence barrister Scott McLennan said his client was a painfully shy man, whose sexual experience involved a handful of drunken visits to sex workers.

"My client told police that he was sickened by what he was doing," defence barrister Scott McLennan said.

"He told the police... it's 100 per cent my fault, I absolutely adore (her), I don't know why I did what I did."

Judge Julie Dick said it was unusual the man voluntarily went to police and his sentence should be reduced to reflect that.

His guilty plea also meant the child did not have to give evidence or be cross examined.

Judge Dick said the range would have been seven to eight years, but jailed him for six years with parole eligibility in November next year after serving 18 months.