Punches, threats, abuse: Football FNC cracks down on players

AN ALSTONVILLE soccer player is facing a "significant" ban from the sport after abusing a referee at a game against Mullumbimby.

Football Far North Coast general manager Steve Mackney said the incident happened during a men's fifth division match last week at Alstonville.

He acknowledged it was a "very serious" case of verbal abuse and that the club would not accept such behaviour from its players.

"A player was sent off and he proceeded to give the referee a fair spray," Mr Mackney said. "There will be a significant suspension put in place.

"It appears the club won't ever want to see this player again.

"What this person is alleged to have done ... he won't be welcome to play around here."

Mr Mackney said while "a lot of positive things" happened in soccer, officials would take a strong stand against abuse of referees or any violence in the sport.

"We had reports about physical abuse in a women's game on Friday night ... one female allegedly punched another female," he said.

"We're looking into that incident.

"I've also been told that a 12-year-old kid threatened another player. The parents involved there are understandably pretty upset.

"I don't condone anything that's inappropriate.

"We do take a tough stance on these things.

"There is a process that we go through and we will be responding to all incidents."