Record Fair organiser Matthew The Vinyl Junkie Bowden.
Record Fair organiser Matthew The Vinyl Junkie Bowden. Luke Mortimer

Vinyl lovers go nuts over 40,000 records

MUSIC feens rummaged record bins on Saturday to find the best vinyl in town before Brunswick Head's annual five day sale was over.

The Brunswick Heads Record Fair was started five years ago by the business owner of Vinyl Junkie Matthew Bowden to compliment Falls Music Festival and the resurgence of vinyl in Australia.

Bowden said the event brings a diverse range of music to the local area, allowing people to find new music they may have never heard as well as enjoy a great vibe.

The event stocks 40,000 records for sale over four days with a collection of genres sourced all over the US as well as in-house DJ Jared Guy spinning vinyl while customers shop.

"In America I can find really good Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Blues,” Bowden said.

"I try and cover all bases so that everyone can get something out of it.”

"It's great to see such a diverse crowd. You have baby boomers buying records again and bringing their kids, or people buying records for their teenagers.”

Bowden said the ritual of putting a record on the stereo can be enjoyed by anyone and offers people a way to find new music they have never heard of before.

"I think there is something nice about holding a record and the sound of a good record on a stereo. There is that nostalgia and also that physical connection of the having the artwork and a Gatefold Sleeve rather than downloading a track or streaming something on Spotify.”

"15 years ago it was only really the hard core collectors that where still buying records. Now JB Hi- Fi have a vinyl collection and they sell turntables.”

The sale offers three listening posts for customers to listen to albums before buying.

"There is so much amazing music out there, it seems criminal to stick with what you know.”

Bowden started Vinyl Junkie 13 years ago and has been running annual Easter sales in Ewingsdale for over 12 years during Blues Festival.

"I turned a hobby into business, I was always a record collector and then started to go to America and buy records and built up my stock over the years and now I go for a month once a year. I bought 20,000 on my last trip, where I spent a month travelling America trying to find stock,” Bowden said.

Bowden currently sells most of his very rare records online to a global market and has sold records from $500 up to $2,000.

"There are high end, obscure records in every genre but the bread and butter records here today are where I do my best with albums from Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.”

The record sale runs from December 29 until the January 2 with vinyl ranges from $5 up to $500, most ranging from $20-$25.

"It's a great way for people to find new music and hear stuff they have never heard of before.”