SHOCKING dash cam footage has emerged of a man beating another driver with a baseball bat during a violent road rage attack in New South Wales.

The video appears to show the ute driver trying to weave through space at traffic lights in Orange to escape his attacker, before a shirtless man wielding a baseball bat jumps from his car behind him.

The tattooed sedan driver swings his bat through the ute's open driver's side window several times.

The ute driver appears to try to escape, rear-ending the taxi in front of him before taking off through a red light to the street ahead.

Attack with a baseball bat caught on Dashcam
Attack with a baseball bat caught on Dashcam

The alleged attacker - whose P-plates are visible on the back of his car - then runs through the same red light and turns left at the intersection.

Nine News reported a 23-year-old Bathurst man had been charged over the incident and would face court on June 6 for sentencing.

Dash Cam Owners Australia uploaded the footage yesterday but the description says it was filmed on Christmas Eve in 2015.