A violent prisoner bashed a nurse who was on duty at The Park Centre for Mental Health.
A violent prisoner bashed a nurse who was on duty at The Park Centre for Mental Health.

Nurse bashed over missing iPod

AN extremely violent prisoner beat up a nurse so badly over a missing iPod that the victim needed $10,000 of dental treatment following the attack.

Gladstone man Tyler Melbye's 10-year history of offending includes attempting to stab his mother to death with a bread and butter knife, damaging a victim's eye during another assault, repeated violence against prison guards and police and the brutal bashing of the nurse at Wacol.

Melbye has spent much of the past decade behind bars, but he can now apply for parole despite pleading guilty in the Brisbane District Court on one count of serious assault with special circumstances.

Melbye was confined to The Park Centre for Mental Health in June 2016 when he walked up to a male nurse and smashed him in the face with his fist.

As the nurse stumbled and fell, Melbye punched the man again, breaking one of his teeth.

Defence solicitor John Cook told Justice Michael Shanahan that Melbye's iPod had disappeared and he thought the victim stole it.

Mr Cook said there was no evidence the nurse took the device.

In sentencing Melbye to 12 months prison with immediate parole due to time served, Justice Shanahan said the 29-year-old prisoner had a long rap sheet that included violence and arson offences.

Judge Shanahan said the defendant also had a severe psychiatric condition and an intellectual disability.

Melbye was on both parole and a suspended jail term when he assaulted the nurse.

"People following their profession, particularly those in the caring profession, should not be subjected to assaults - especially by patients," Judge Shanahan said.

"You punched the victim twice and there was no significant reason behind that.

"The nurse suffered injuries as a result, his tooth had to be extracted and replaced and there was other pain and suffering."

The court heard the nurse spent almost $10,000 having the damage to his teeth fixed. - NewsRegional