The virus restrictions that could be permanent


How we work, eat, socialise and cough in public could all change forever following the coronavirus pandemic leading demographer Bernard Salt has warned.     

He told The Herald Sun face masks could be visible in public for the next decade, with jamming up close to strangers at restaurants and watching games at the MCG set to become confined to the past.

Demographer Bernard Salt. Picture: David Caird
Demographer Bernard Salt. Picture: David Caird

When it comes to how we live, veggie gardens and home offices could become sought after in the housing market. Comfy tracksuit bottoms could replace office wear and we won't be logging off Zoom anytime soon.

Perhaps most significantly, coughing and sneezing in public will become frowned upon, and Aussies may adopt the trend seen in some Asian nations, of wearing masks voluntarily while sick.

"That will be regarded as a highly offensive act in the 2020s, almost akin to lighting a cigarette in a restaurant or cafe during the 2010s," he said.