George Young wrote a poem to perform during the event.
George Young wrote a poem to perform during the event. Amber Gibson

Volunteer, poet, 'genuine Aussie' gives to community

AT THE Lion's Club 14th Fun Run fund-raiser on Sunday, lifetime member George Young shared a literary gift with the crowd and recited a poem he had written specifically for the day.

Mr Young has been volunteering with the Lion's Club for 56 years and said he has been a continuous volunteer for 70 years with many community organisations.

"We are only small but so very kind. Geater Ballina volunteers, you'll never find,” Mr Young wrote as part of his poem.

"I do them all the time, I think the club is sick of them,” he said.

Mr Young who enjoys writing poetry for friends crafted a poem to acknowledge the community efforts of the club.

"Other people need assistance and that's what the Lion's Club has been doing for all these years.”

Mr Young said he is just "a genuine Aussie” who, like many people, want to give back to their community.

Jeffrey Spencer, President of Ballina Lions Club said the annual fun run is a popular event with 85 adults and children of all ages participating to run from 5-10kms to raise funds for charity.

"All funds raised is divided between three local charities,” Mr Spencer said.

Mr Spencer said this year the Club's focus was on diabetes awareness, so during the event, participants where able to have a free blood glucose and blood pressure test by a nurse.

The first event started at 9am from Missingham Park Amphitheatre on Sunday.