VOTE: Which Lismore recycled Christmas tree is the best?

IT'S festive season - and that means another of Lismore's recycled creations in town.

The 2019 version is alive, and is made from more than 300 potted plants, 100 metres of tinsel, 250 metres of LED strip lighting powered by solar, 16 pairs of work trousers and matching boots, and rather than being topped by the traditional Santa, staff have created Planta.

Controversially, tree will receive watering for ten minutes every eight hours during water restrictions.

It is the fifth tree Council staff have erected on the corner of Keen and Magellan streets to celebrate the festive season and Lismore's commitment to recycling and sustainability.

The tradition began in 2015, when Council staff created a Christmas tree as a gift for the community from old bicycles painted in many colours. In 2016 staff made the tree from old car tyres and in 2017 it was fashioned from old road signs with an impressive 'Give Way' star. Last year, 49 second-hand umbrellas created a very colourful and talked about tree.

Which one is the best? 

  • Car tyres
  • Road signs
  • Umbrellas
  • Bicyles
  • Plants