WA Premier hits out at GST 'elephant' at COAG

THE GST was one of the hot topics on the agenda when the country's premiers and Prime Minister Tony Abbott met on Friday as part of the Council of Australian Governments.

While the GST carve-up among states wasn't supposed to be the only topic, it was certainly a controversial one that left one premier disgruntled.

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett hit out at fellow premiers during a press conference following the meeting, saying the GST was like the big elephant in the room.

WA's share of GST revenue is set to fall and Mr Barnett said he was disappointed in his state colleagues.

But he also said he took comfort from the Prime Minister's willingness to try to assist so WA does not become worse off.

Jobs, competition laws, the home insulation program, National Disability Insurance Scheme, tax reform, counter-terrorism and a national strategy against the drug ice were other topics discussed.