ACT NOW: Nikkii Joyce said the walk is about bringing change, so children like Mason won't suffer again.
ACT NOW: Nikkii Joyce said the walk is about bringing change, so children like Mason won't suffer again. Patrick Woods

Walk to end the abuse of children like Mason

NEVER again.

That's the vow supporters of Mason Jet Lee's Law have made and the reason they'll be marching through the streets of Caboolture on Saturday.

The body of 21-month-old Mason Jet Lee was found on June 11 2016, reportedly covered "from head to toe" in injuries.

Act For Mason Sunshine Coast representative Nikkii Joyce has invited everyone who wishes to end the continuing plight of neglected children like Mason to participate in the 'Walk for Mason'.

She'd like to see a rapid-response team designated to handling concerns of abused and neglected children.

This demand is at the heart of Mason Jet Lee's law which the group have been lobbying the Queensland government to introduce.

"People think Mason at least is at peace and there's an end to it," she said.

"There is no end, nothing has changed.

"The only thing that was unusual about Mason was that he died and we found out about it.

"There are six other (children who died) that we know nothing about and We know there are up to 4,000 kids suffering this kind of abuse or worse.

"(Mason) just unveiled the horrors of what was happening."

The passionate Bli Bli-based volunteer said the responsibility for the abuse the toddler suffered before his death was two-fold, on the behalf of his abusers and on the behalf of the authorities.

"Both sides neglected Mason, why do we only know of one side?" Ms Joyce said.

"He must have been in so much pain, so frightened and so alone, and he didn't have to be.

"We were so close to catching him and we let him go.

"I know it sounds cliched but these are children who are no different to yours, to my neighbours', and they're being horribly abused.

"We can't be indifferent anymore, we just can't."

Ms Joyce said Saturday's walk was bound to be particularly emotional as it was in Mason's hometown and encouraged anyone who could attend to do so.

"We'll certainly be looking as to where next, but we have no intention of stopping," she said.

"We (Queenslanders) are going to protect these kids. If the people we have elected to those positions aren't going to do it - and be up to that task, then we are going to make sure they're going to do it."

Walk for Mason participants will meet from 9.30am and march at 10am from Apex Park, Caboolture.