BIG RIG: Cudgera Creek's Mat Egan checks out an
BIG RIG: Cudgera Creek's Mat Egan checks out an "almost hands-free” Komatsu Bulldozer at the NORCO Primex primary industries expo on Wednesday. Francis Witsenhuysen

Want to drive a huge bulldozer that's virtually hands-free?

ACCORDING to the experts it's all about the weight and the power when it comes to heavy machinery.

For anyone on the hunt for new agricultural equipment with leading-edge technology, the Norco Primex primary industries expo was the place to be.

Everything from excavators and balers, to tractors and bulldozers were on display for the crowd.

Mat Egan from Cudgera Creek said he simply couldn't walk past the Komatsu D61 EXi Bulldozer.

"The technology is pretty amazing and I just found out it's almost hands-free," Mr Egan said.

"Being here is taking me back to when I was a little kid, pushing sand around the playground. I just want to drive it and see how powerful it is."

Komatsu Technology solutions expert Brent Parker said so far, people were extremely interested in the new intelligent machine control product line.

"People from the region haven't seen them before," Mr Parker said.

"So we have the live demonstration area out the back, so they can actually jump in the machines, drive them and see what the technology can do."

He said the live demonstration of a PC210ci was proving to be a crowd highlight.

"The PC210 was the first semi-auto excavator in the world," he said.

"It's got auto-stop control so you can move the bucket and it actually won't damage the target surface."

Another crowd pleaser was an Hitachi ZX260 LC excavator, with a full 3D GPS fitted by Trimble and boasting semi-automatics. SITECH's Mark Brooke said the machine was a first for New South Wales.

The Norco Primex primary industries runs until June 16 at Cassino Dr, Casino and so far the weather has been kind.