MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE: The War and Treaty's Michael and Tanya Trotter are 'gonna rock' at Byron Bay Bluesfest.
MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE: The War and Treaty's Michael and Tanya Trotter are 'gonna rock' at Byron Bay Bluesfest. Contributed

War and Treaty make their Australian debut

TREAT your souls to the sounds of husband and wife duo, The War and Treaty at Byron Bay Bluesfest.

Making their Australian debut, Michael and Tanya Trotter are looking forward to sharing the magic of their first studio album, Healing Tide.

"We're gonna give you everything we've got - blood, sweat and tears," Michael said.

"We're gonna have fun; we're gonna give you our message, which is one of inclusion; we're going to give you our love and we're gonna jam, and we're gonna rock that show out.

"We're going to connect with the thriving spirit that already flows throughout Australia."

Taking a break from their American tour for Bluesfest, The War and Treaty are looking forward to meeting Australian audiences.

"I've been dying to get to Australia, period, ever since I was a young lad," Michael explained.

"So, to be able to go and be able to perform and to be able to rub shoulders with artists that I not only respect but have come to love, such as Tommy Emmanuel, Kasey Chambers and her father, that is exciting to me.

"I cannot wait to get over there and just really be a part (of Bluesfest)."

In preparation for their performance, Michael and Tanya have been busy behind the scenes, and encourage audiences to "wear their dancing shoes."

"We're going to jam," Michael said.

"How we prepare, The War and Treaty, is we get excited.

"We were on a boat this year with Tommy Emmanuel and all he talked about was Bluesfest, Bluesfest, Bluefest.

"To see the excitement and joy in his eyes and to feel it exude from his body, it completely fuelled us, and we're ready; we're excited."

2019 is looking to be a busy year for The War and Treaty, with industry icons such as Emmylou Harris having already worked with the duo on tracks like Here is Where the Loving is.

"She had been kind of like a champion for The War and Treaty, just spreading the news to people - letting them know that we were indeed decent, and we were good entertainers," Michael explained.

"Not only are we excited to meet new people, but we're excited to become reacquainted with those we have already met.

"That is enough for us and we're thankful."

  • At Bluesfest Byron Bay, Thursday, April 18, 4.30pm at Delta, Saturday April 20, 7pm at Juke Joint and Sunday, April 21 at 3.45pm at Jambalaya.