THE RAIN may have fallen on Saturday, but for nearly 30 workers on site in Grafton, they're determined to build a bridge to get over it.

The replacement of the Pound St rail viaduct began early Saturday morning, and despite the weather, hundreds of people came to watch the process, that started with the demolition of the old bridge.

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Have a look at some amazing photos of the lift from both RMS and members of the community can be seen in this gallery.


And despite the rain, the crew completed the demolition of the old bridge ahead of schedule on Saturday, in preparation for the giant lift of the 350 tonne new rail viaudct into place on Sunday morning.

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The work must be completed in the 72 hour window while the North Coast Rail line is shut down, with the first train coming through at 2am Tuesday morning.

Take a look at the incredible footage of the work being completed on Saturday in this incredible footage.