Baby magpie is in care with WIRES.
Baby magpie is in care with WIRES.

Watch: Baby Tawny Frogmouth settles back into tree

SPRING has sprung and the bird breeding season has begun.

WIRES warns the best outcome for any uninjured chick is to reunite them with their family as soon as possible.

Chicks need to be dealt with as quickly as possible as they can easily die from cold, exhaustion, lack of food or stress.

WIRES quick tips for this breeding season:

  • Older chicks that are perching well and just learning to fly should be left with their parents. If you find a nestling (naked or fluffy, not able to perch), call WIRES asap.
  • Orphaned ducklings should not be put in water as they may not have developed all their waterproofing and will get cold quickly and die. They need to be restrained to avoid exhaustion and should be placed on a towel in a box with a lid so they cannot jump out, then call WIRES.
  • If you think a chick may be injured or you are not sure, place it in a box on a towel and keep it somewhere quiet and warm until a rescuer arrives. Do not give it any food or water.

WIRESNR website has lots more handy hints.

Contact WIRES for rescues, advice or enquiries. The 24-hour hotline is for all calls to WIRES in the Northern Rivers - 6628 1898.