TWO WHITSUNDAY women were forced to wrangle a large, hairy and unwelcome guest from the front passenger side of a car with a rake.

Nicole Stoneham had the front windows of her Nissan Navara slightly cracked while she ducked into her Preston home before heading out again about 5.45 on Sunday.

But when she slid into the front seat and looked to her left, the 29 year old received one hell of a surprise.

A large huntsman, about the size of her hand, had sought refuge from the summer heat inside her vehicle, nestled comfortably just in from the passenger side window.

Preston woman Nicole Stoneham had an unwelcome visitor in her Nissan Navara on Sunday.
Preston woman Nicole Stoneham had an unwelcome visitor in her Nissan Navara on Sunday.

"I looked over and that's when I saw the big ass spider in my car," Ms Stoneham said.

"I froze and then I slowly got out of the car."

Not wanting to break eye contact with the stowaway, Ms Stoneham said she texted for reinforcements - her housemate Karley Searle, who arrived with a rake.

"I had the window down a little bit. I think it must have just crawled in," Ms Stoneham said.

"Either that or it was in my car the whole time. I'm telling myself it's just because the window was down a little bit.

"I usually don't leave them down but … it was so hot yesterday and I thought, I'm only here for 10 minutes.

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"Well the regrets were real."

Ms Searle first poked the rake through the driver's side window in an attempted to usher the spider out through the open passenger window.

Great idea in theory, except Ms Stoneham said the huntsman wedged itself in a small crevice in the door seal area.

"So I had to go an open the (passenger) door to get it out the car," she said.

Ms Stoneham filmed her housemate trying to guide the spider down her Navara adding the spider crawled down between the vehicle's cab and tray where she said it was "out of sight, out of mind".

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Ms Stoneham said she knew it was not dangerous and did not want it dead, just out of her car.

"It's a reminder that they can get in the tiniest gaps, so wind your windows up," she laughed.