POLITICS is full of passion, and by all accounts that passion has been on full display outside the Lismore pre-poll booth on Molesworth St this week.

The Northern Star has received several reports of verbal stoushes, stand-offs, and even physical jostling on what has become valuable footpath property for party spruikers.

The Knitting Nannas Against Gas even took to issuing a media release this calling for more manners on the hustings.

It described "intrusive, disruptive and even bullying behaviour coming from political representatives from all parties who are handing out fliers and advice".

"The Molesworth Street footpath has become a gauntlet run of "Are you voting today?" as well as conspiratorial whispering of politicians names like a subliminal message in the ears of passers by," said the statement.

"Additionally, loud conversations resulting in almost "Placards at Noon" stand offs between opposing points of view in the ranks of the representatives have been observed.

"Gone are the days, it seems, of quietly handing out fliers appropriately (not flapped in the face of an unsuspecting shopper) and keeping your political opinions to yourself."

One local resident who didn't want to be named said she was obstructed from going about her business on Molesworth St and complained it was "against the free movement of people".

The leading candidates, however, have dismissed any tense confrontations as the exception rather than the rule.

Greens candidate Kudra Falla-Ricketts even described a sort of camaraderie among people of different political stripes, which she put down to a shared belief in democracy.

Likewise, Nationals MP Kevin Hogan said the pre-poll vibe was, on the whole, relaxed.

Labor candidate Janelle Saffin said because the election looked like going down to the wire things were a bit more tense than usual.

The humble voters and pedestrians might beg to differ, however.

Judging by the expression on their faces, it's a bit of an ordeal.

One man even put his fingers in his ears, smiling, as he walked past.