Rocky Creek dam.
Photo Cathy Adams / The Northern Star
Rocky Creek dam. Photo Cathy Adams / The Northern Star Cathy Adams

Water restrictions may be 3-4 months away

DESPITE no great amount of rain falling in our Northern Rivers dams for some time, Rous County Council are advising there is no need to panic yet.

According to acting general manager, Guy Bezrouchko, Rocky Creek Dam is currently 88% full, although levels are falling.

"We have been watching our dam levels at this stage," he said.

"The levels are reducing through consumption by 1-2% per week.

"At this stage we have a buffer of around 3-4 months before water restrictions would need to come in."

Manager for Planning and Deliver, Michael McKenzie said that was provided there were no major rainfalls during that time.

"If we get rain between now and then, that will change the forecast," he said.

"Our secondary dam, Emigrant Creek is currently sitting at 100%.

"We do reiterate to people to use water sensibly at all times, however."

Toonumbar Dam in the Kyogle area is currently at 96% and falling.