Bureau of Meteorology rain radar at around 1pm this afternoon.
Bureau of Meteorology rain radar at around 1pm this afternoon. BoM

Hottest town in the state, but is rain on the way?

A SERIES of rain and thunderstorms occurring inland are moving east, giving the hope of rainfall to Northern Rivers residents.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Gabrielle Woodhouse fronts occurring around the Northern and Central Tablelands "will continue moving through the north-east".

She said there was a slight chance rain would make it to the Northern Rivers this afternoon.

"A cold front moving across the state which could bring rain and thunderstorms around Northern Tablelands have been easing and breaking up as it moves east," Ms Woodhouse said.

"There is more chance of rain on the higher grounds this afternoon.

"Once this front moves through we will have a high pressure ridge move in behind it which will lead to easing winds along the coast."

Looking at the thermometer, towns in the Northern Rivers are topping temperature charts across the state for bringing about the warmest temperatures.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Casino recorded 27C yesterday; a temperature more in line with summer, and 4.5C above the August maximum average.

Lismore was up there too with 26C, following a 25C day last week - again the hottest in NSW.

Australian Weather News listed Lismore as the hottest in the state today with 27.1C recorded at 11am at Lismore Airport AWS.

The highest temperature recorded for that station in the month of August was in 2009, at 36.7C.

Byron Bay had the highest overnight minimum temperature at 15C on Sunday.

Ms Woodhouse said in the middle of summer the hottest places tended to be in the north or inland.

"The Northern Rivers often sneaks in through winter as being a fairly warm place," Ms Woodhouse said.

"It's not all that unusual seeing places in the Northern Rivers as being one of the warmest places in the state, and it can be one of the hottest places in Summer."

"Come Wednesday and Thursday a few fronts will clip the fronts down south which will bring about cool mornings and frosty patches in the region.

"Moving into Friday/ Saturday another significant cold front moving across the state (will pass) which will mean maximum temperatures will increase, climbing into the mid 20s.

"The minimum temperatures will also be slightly increasing towards the end of the week."

BoM issued its daily weather report yesterday.

"A high pressure ridge across New South Wales will give way to a cold front and associated low pressure trough that are expected to cross the west later today, and the remainder of the state on Monday."

"Following this, another high pressure ridge is expected to extend across the state."

Daytime temperatures for Lismore are forecast to sit in the low 20s, and overnight temperatures around 3-5C until the weekend, when both maximum and minimum temperatures rise a few degrees.

Mostly sunny conditions.