Keen Street Veterinary Clinic
Keen Street Veterinary Clinic

We love our vets and here are the ones you say you love best

BEING a good vet involves caring for humans as much as it does caring for animals - at least, that's the experience of Keen Street Veterinary Clinic practice manager Jane Spinaze.

"The animals are the number one priority," Ms Spinaze said. "But you also have to care for the owners because it's a big thing for them."

The Keen Street Veterinary Clinic topped the list of the Northern Rivers favourite vets started on The Northern Star's Facebook page last night.

Well over 100 people commented on the post, nominating veterinarians from Evans Head to Kyogle.

The top five were:

  1. Keen St Vet Clinic at Lismore 
  2. Racecourse Rd Vet Clinic at Ballina 
  3. Evans Head Veterinary Clinic
  4. Lismore Central Vet Hospital
  5. Lismore Veterinary Clinic

Judging from some of the comments, vets are clearly something Northern Rivers pet owners feel strongly about.

Lennox Head vet Evan Cossak, for example, received a rave from Kathrina Southwell of Australian Seabird Rescue for the work he has done on behalf of the organisation.

"He has been helping out pelicans, seabirds, shorebirds, sea turtles, freshwater turtles, sea snakes and many other creatures for Australian Seabird Rescue for years," Ms Southwell posted.

Others were thankful for efforts their vets had gone to on behalf of their pets and them.

"Alstonville vet!!! Totally. So caring evening after our pet left us xo," posted Candice Collins.

"Racecourse (Road Vet Clinic), ballina," posted Sue Tatum in her nomination. "A fantastic team with beautiful hearts. Saved our dog's life."

Cath Flannery's appreciation for veterinarian Willa Harrison at the Racecourse Rd clinic went beyond words.

Cath Flannery's dog likes Racecourse Rd Vet Clinic too.
Cath Flannery's dog likes Racecourse Rd Vet Clinic too.

Clare Cassin was one of the commenters who nominated the Keen St clinic.

"KEEN STREET are tops 100% they have looked after our pets for 12 years now and I can't fault them. Awesome job guys. xx," she posted.

Ms Spinaze said people tended to view vets in much the same way they did doctors - they found one they liked and stuck with them.

The Keen St Clinic's success owed much to its efforts to keep pet owners happy through compassion and clear communication.

However, the clinic also tried to work with its community, through things such as discounted desexing for dogs and cats at different times of the year in an effort to help low income earners.

The Keen St Vet Clinic team
The Keen St Vet Clinic team

"It would be great if every kid had a dog or a cat, but the reality is pets cost money and not everyone's in that position," she said.

The clinic offered half-price desexing for cats through April and 30% off for dog desexing during June.

The clinic also worked with the Northern Rivers Animal Service and the Animal Welfare League in an effort to help the community.

Ms Spinaze was clearly proud of the clinic and the work it did.

"I've been here since 1993 and I've seen it grow so much," she said.