KEEPING COSY: The sudden winter chill felt along the Northern Rivers has caught many people by surprise.
KEEPING COSY: The sudden winter chill felt along the Northern Rivers has caught many people by surprise.

Weather expert admits we feel the cold more here

IF YOU haven't got a woolly jumper, beanie, socks and scarf in your wardrobe, now is the time acquire them.

According to Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Helen Kirkup, everyone on the Northern Rivers will be feeling the effects of a high pressure system, which combined with gloomy weather, makes you feel even more chilled than usual.

But there's good news for surfers and gardeners, with bigger swell and rain fuelled by a low pressure system pushing its way down from Queensland over the next few days.

While Ms Kirkup refrained from calling us all wusses, she did remind us of the season.

"Well, it is winter and Lismore did drop to 6.9 C overnight," she said.

"Inland areas such as Lismore do get quite cold."

Does this mean we must all be resigned to layering up as though we are preparing a member of Douglas Mawson's crew on the first Australasian Antarctic Expedition in 1911?

Mr Kirkup instead very sensibly pointed out that much of why we all feeling freezing and wearing beanies to bed, is that we are simply not used to this colder weather.

However, temperatures will improve slightly as rain is forecast for the region over the next few days.

She said this will push up the daily predicted minimum temperatures to 10C on some days.

Winter often means a choice between rain and slightly warmer temperatures or dry conditions and cooler temperatures, Ms Kirkup said.

And umbrellas will be needed soon.

"There are likely to be developing showers in northern NSW as a little trough will be moving over Thursday and Friday and the weekend," she said.

"This little trough is poking in from Queensland so combined with the high to the south and east to southeast wind will bring in showers."

She said the effects of the low pressure system hanging about the region on the weekend will likely be, "creating havoc and bigger surf."

"We are not expecting ridiculously high amounts of rainfall but the coast will get more than Lismore as well as stronger winds," Ms Kirkup said.

"This will bring another low pressure system."

Temperatures today*

Tweed Heads - 20

Lismore - 19

Byron Bay - 18

Ballina - 19

Grafton - 20

Evans Head - 19

Murwillumbah - 20

Yamba - 19

*Bureau of Meteorology