Unloading cargo from C-17A Globemaster III on Wilkins Runway.
Unloading cargo from C-17A Globemaster III on Wilkins Runway. Glenn Jacobson

Weather forecast forces Aviation Expo to postpone

THE Lismore Aviation Expo has been postponed until Saturday, July 29, as the worsening weather forecast makes conditions increasingly dangerous for pilots.

Organiser Danielle Hanigan from Lismore City Council said while the forecast had looked promising yesterday, the weather has continued to deteriorate and there are now serious safety concerns.

"We cannot expect our pilots and aviators to fly in bad weather with poor visibility. It would be dangerous and irresponsible to go ahead in these weather conditions," Danielle said.

Head of Operations at Northern Rivers Aero Club, Bill Kiernan said he believes the Lismore Council made exactly the right decision.

"Whilst it would of been great to have it and a lot of professional work has gone into it by council, I think the smartest thing they did was to make the decision to delay it to July," Mr Kiernan said.

"There are a set of rules put out for all people who fly put out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, safety being the operative word."

Mr Kiernan said that the current conditions are below visual flight rules therefore making it extremely unsafe for pilots.

"Even if it improved a little bit tomorrow, you'd still have that question mark hanging over people. Its not the sort of thing you want to encourage," Mr Kiernan said.

"When it is marginal, the incorrect decision can cause a lot of problems."

Ms Hanigan said that while its disappointing the event had to be postponed, they are still hopeful for a great show in July.

"After months of organising we are devastated to have to postpone, particularly after we gave the green light yesterday. We apologise to the community and encourage people to come along in July, when we hope to have blue skies and fine weather."