29,000 people in Toowoomba are stoners...apparently.
29,000 people in Toowoomba are stoners...apparently.

Weed debate: '29,000 people in Toowoomba are stoners'

YOUR SAY: IF YOU are a news buff you would of heard discussions this week on the legalisation of marijuana.

We have heard people from the health commission state about two million people in Australia currently use pot.

Sounds about right, one in 12 people.

Greens leader Dr Richard Natale said otherwise; seven million in Australia currently use pot.

That's about 29%. That means 29,000 people in Toowoomba are stoners. You've got to laugh.

That means one in every three and a half drivers are stoned on the road.

I think we need a lot more police to drug test in that case.

Well you don't have to be a mathematician to work out where Natale got his figures from.

This man also claims dope to be harmless. As an ex-smoker of 20 years, this is rubbish.

Marijuana makes you enjoy more other drugs like ecstasy and meth and enjoy alcohol more as well.

The only thing pot is good for is eating pizza and watching The Simpsons.

Most ex-smokers will tell you the truth, the older ones like me in my 50s.

The ones who tell you otherwise are addicted just like nicotine, but won't admit it.

Don't let Natale try and fool you with his outrageous facts. It will probably come to a vote one day. Vote for a straight Australia not a dopey one.