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Nine exercises to give you a body like Sally Fitzgibbons

10th September 2016 7:00 AM
UPDATED 11th September 8:56 AM

THERE has never been a better time to get fit and healthy and with spring in the air, it's time to get it in your step too.

Over the next 12 weeks Sally Fitzgibbons will share her training secrets, favourite workouts and healthy recipes to inspire a happier, healthier you.

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To join your local team, download Strava on your smartphone and search Kick the Kilos in the clubs section. Find your local newspaper and 'join'.

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Pushup position touches

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High plank position

Start in a high plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and aim to maintain a straight line from your shoulders, through your hips to your toes. Keep your core engaged by pulling your belly button towards your spine. Starting with your left hand, reach out to touch 4 points in a semi circle - as if your hand is moving like a clock. Return to the starting position and repeat with your right hand. That's one rep. Aim to keep your shoulders and hips square to the floor. REPS:10

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Plank extension



Up down plank

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Down plank position

Start in a high plank position on your knees or toes, maintaining a straight line from your shoulders, through your hips to your feet. Lower down on to one elbow and then the other, keeping your stomach engaged and your hips square. Push back up to the starting position and you've completed one rep. REPS:16

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Up plank position



Mountain climbers

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Start your mountain climber in a plank position and prepare to feel the movement through your core.

As before, start in a high plank position. Without raising your hips or butt, bring one knee forward, aiming to touch your elbow. Repeat on the other side, that's one rep. Maintain a consistent steady pace for a cardio workout. REPS: 10

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Raise your knee out to the side.



Squat jumps

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Lean back into the squat

Start with your feet at hip-width apart and lower into a squat keeping your back straight and chest up. Your knees should be tracking over your toes as you squat. Power through the heels as you jump up and extend the legs. Aim to land softly on your toes and lower back to your heels. If you have any knee pain, stand up from the starting position and don't jump. REPS: 15

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And extend through into a jump



Reverse lunge

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This exercise is sure to get your heart rate up.

Start in a standing position and step your left foot back, keeping your pelvis tucked. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep your chest proud, try not to lean forward. Lower slowly, ensuring that the front knee tracks over the toe. Aim to have both knees at 90 degree angles at the bottom before you raise back up. That's one rep. Continue on the same leg before switching to the other side. REPS: 16


Wide squat

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Make sure you maintain your form throughout the squats.

Start in a standing position with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Slowly lower down into a squat, keeping your back straight and your chest up. With every rep, aim to go as low as you can while maintaining good form. REPS: 12



HOW TO SUPER SET: For each set, alternate between exercise 1 and 2 through the pyramid time blocks. So for example, for set 1, complete 15 seconds of skipping then 15 seconds of pushups hands raised. Then 30 seconds of skipping, and 30 seconds of pushups. Then 45 seconds, and so forth.

Super set one

Skipping: 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s

Pushups Hands Raised

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The higher you set your upper body off the ground the easier these will be.


Start in a high plank position with your hands shoulder width apart and elevated on a bench. Maintain a straight line from shoulders through to your heels and your core engaged, with your belly button pulling towards your spine. Breathe in and lower down slowly in a controlled movement. Exhale as you push back up. A higher elevation will make this easier if needed, and a lower elevation will give you more of a challenge!

Super set two

Skipping: 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s

Sumo Squat Hold 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s


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Sumo squats are a great way to tone your legs.

With your feet out wide, lower into a sumo squat with your knees tracking out over your toes. Keep your back straight and your chest up and bring your hands to a prayer position in front of your chest.

Super set three

Skipping: 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s

Crunches: 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s


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Nothing tones your stomach like crunches.

Start lying on the floor with your feet anchored and your arms across your chest. Engage your core by pulling your belly button to your spine. Exhale and lift up until your eyes are in line with your knees. Lower slowly back down and repeat.


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