Year 5 Liturgy
Year 5 Liturgy

Everlasting Life is the theme for St Brigid's students

AS PART of the religious programme for Year 5 students at St. Brigid's Primary School, the students were invited to prepare a Liturgy.

With the theme 'Everlasting Life' the students broke into groups and each one had a set responsibilities.

The students sourced and planned everything. The altar setting, the prayers' of the faithful and the Gospel reading as well as the music.

The class embraced the opportunity to plan their own Liturgy and it was a great success with a lot of pride and passion on display.

Miss Kelli-Ann Bugden is the Year 5 teacher.

"Celebrating is an important part of the Religious Education teaching and learning cycle at St Brigid's," she said.

"As part of our current unit, the students reflected on the hope and new life that Jesus' life, death and Resurrection brings to his disciples and followers.

"Classroom liturgies are a creative way for students to celebrate their faith.

"Students should be very proud of their fantastic efforts."