The weekend's rain is a welcome change.
The weekend's rain is a welcome change. Matthew Purcell

Wet start to the weekend with sunny days ahead

IT'S going to be a wet start to the weekend but all is not lost with sunshine expected to return by Sunday.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast a 95 per cent chance up to 25mm of rain will fall in Ballina on Friday, with a top of 19 degrees.

While, Byron Bay can expect up to 15mm of rain to fall but further west in Lismore will only see up to 5mm of rainfall reaching 19 degrees during the day.

But as the weekend approaches, blue skies can be expected to reappear, with only about 60 per cent chance of rainfall in Ballina and Byron Bay on Saturday and a slight chance of rainfall on Sunday.

The temperatures across the weekend will hit a high of 21 degrees but will drop to 5 degrees in Lismore on Sunday.

Byron Bay and Ballina can also expect temperatures to drop to lows of 13 degrees and 7 degrees respectively.

While there's no official safety warning for coastal areas, local fishing stores are reporting rough conditions and beachgoers are being urged to take caution if entering the water or fishing offshore.