The new National Party leader Michael McCormack.
The new National Party leader Michael McCormack.

What Hogan said about the new National's leader

NOW that the Nationals Party has a new leader in Michael McCormack, Page MP Kevin Hogan said they can get back to focusing on serving regional Australia.

"I'm really pleased, obviously we've moved on now from the Barnaby issue and that dragged on for two weeks or so,” Mr Hogan.

Mr McCormack was unopposed the National Party meeting after David Gillespie and David Littleproud pulled out of the race last night.

"I assume that they didn't have the numbers and they thought that Michael had the overwhelming support of the room so decided not to run,” Mr Hogan said.

However, not even a day into the role and Mr McCormack is already under the microscope, with homophobic comments made over 25 years ago already under scrutiny.

"Obviously he made a statement about 25 years ago and he has apologised many years ago for that,” Mr Hogan said.

"I think our political opponents will try and make mileage out of it but that's not how Michael thinks.

"He indicated he no longer believes that, he has moved on.”

Concerns have been raised about Mr McCormack's lack of popularity affecting next years Federal election result, however Mr Hogan said he isn't worried.

"I think that is pretty normal, when you're a minister not many people do know you,” Mr Hogan said.

"Obviously people know the Prime Minister and they probably know the deputy leader of the Liberal Party and they may know the treasurer and they'll probably know the leader of the Nationals, the leader of the Greens and the leader of the Labour parties.”

"Beyond that people don't know the next layer down, of those senior ministers and I think that is pretty normal.”

Mr Hogan said Mr McCormack has shown a lot of support for projects happening around the Northern Rivers recently.

"He was a really big supporter of the regional jobs investment package, which I announced about three or four weeks ago,” Mr Hogan said.

"Which are bringing robotics companies like Adapt-A-Pak, or helping the medicinal cannabis plant in Casino to get up and going.”

Over the next 18 months Australia will be getting to know their new Deputy Prime Minister over more public and media appearances.