What Kevin Hogan thinks about the leadership challenge

AFTER a couple of days of political jostling, Page MP Kevin Hogan welcomed his party's leadership decision.

"I welcome the endorsement of Michael McCormack as Nationals leader and the election of David Littleproud as deputy leader," Mr Hogan said.

"There was much good will at the conclusion of the party room meeting, and we are looking forward to getting on with our job.

"The primary focus this week is the ongoing support for those affected by drought and fire," he added.

The vote was the conclusion of an agitated start to the week for the National party, triggered by senator Bridget McKenzie quitting the frontbench after a report found she breached ministerial standards.

Mr McCormack said he was looking forward to continuing to work with Mr Joyce and said he didn't expect another challenge.

"We've had way too much speculation about the leadership role, and it's time to put that to bed," he said.

"The fact is, I shook hands with Barnaby, we're going to move on and we're going to work hard together he and I, and the rest of the Nationals team, for regional Australians.

"I don't expect him to challenge again. I've been endorsed as the leader. I was endorsed last year. I was endorsed when he stood down. That's three times."

However, there was speculation over how close the vote was and whether another challenge was a possibility.

Mr McCormack had earlier dismissed speculation his job was at risk and was confident he would continue as leader.

Nationals chief whip Damian Drum said today's spill motion would need to be seconded to trigger a vote on Mr McCormack's leadership.

"Barnaby would realise that, in my opinion, he doesn't have the numbers," he told the ABC.

In August 2018, Mr Hogan moved to the crossbench after a leadership spill removed Malcolm Turnbull from the Prime Minister's office, promoting current Liberal leader Scott Morrison. Mr Hogan remained a National Party member, but rejoined the Coalition from the crossbench at the last federal election.