Lismore's Tracey Newton at the Royal Ascot races in England earlier this year.
Lismore's Tracey Newton at the Royal Ascot races in England earlier this year. Facebook

What to wear? Winning fashionista shares tips for race day

LISMORE'S Tracey Newton is no stranger to the glitz and glamour of the Lismore Cup's fashions on the field.

The owner of The Beauty Bar in Molesworth St has lived in Lismore her whole life, having attended her first Lismore Cup over 30 years ago.

"I started going to the Lismore Cup when I was about 20, and I'm now 53, so I've been going for a long time," she said.

"I love to dress up and you know, there's not many occasions any more to get really dressed up.

"I always go all out really; I always go and get my hair done and you know, do the whole beauty regime kind of thing.

"It's a bit of fun."

The avid fashionista and traveller will enter the highly competitive fashions on the field again tomorrow, with an outfit inspired by the European summer.

"I was in Europe in June and I had a look through all the shops to see what was in for summer, because what they have then is what we get for summer.

"(I noticed) hot pink, orange, yellow, cobalt blues and all those really bright colours were in, and I've always loved hot pink so I just thought, right, when I get home I'm going to go for those colours."

Ms Newton said she has opted for a hot pink, red and baby pink colour scheme.

"I found an amazing dress and I just went from there.

"It sounds like it doesn't work but it does; it's pretty nice."

The beautician, who thanked her milliner in Mt Isa for her winning headpiece last year, said she will be wearing another design of hers this year.

"She goes by the name Millinery by Mel and she does amazing fascinators," Ms Newton said.

"I have bought lots and lots of her stuff.

"I went to the Royal Ascot in June this year and I wore one of her fascinators there, and I also went to the Royal Ascot two years ago and wore one of her fascinators as well, so she does amazing stuff."

For those thinking of entering fashions on the field in 2019, Ms Newton shared some advice.

"You know what, I would say just go and have fun; that's what I do.

"I don't take it seriously.

"I was absolutely shocked to win last year, I was thrilled but I was shocked.

"You can't take yourself seriously when you're in things like that."