We were constantly checking the cricket scores this year - how very #straya.
We were constantly checking the cricket scores this year - how very #straya. DAVE HUNT

What we were Googleing in 2017

WHO knows what 2018 holds for us - but it's a fair bet we'll be googling the Commonwealth Games, weather and the latest "it" thing.

That's if our Google searches in 2017 are on trend.

Our love of all things sport had us tapping the keyboard regularly for updates on our favourite sports - well, any sport truth be told.

But last year Australian Open 2017, Melbourne Cup 2017, Wimbledon 2017 and "cricket scores" were among the top 10 searches across both Queensland and NSW.


Houses are surrounded by floodwaters at Depot Hill in Rockhampton, Thursday, April 6, 2017. Floodwaters resulting from ex-cyclone Debbie are expected inundate parts of Rockhampton with the Fitzroy River expected to reach 9 metres at midday on Thursday.
We were regularly checking in on Cyclone Debbie. DAN PELED

No surprise Cyclone Debbie was the top search in Queensland - she really blew in and did some damage statewide.

Little doubt people were searching for the latest road closures and information to keep safe - not to mention info on the clean-up and rebuild still underway.


A child plays with the currently popular, supposedly stress-relieving toy known as a 'fidget spinner' in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 5 June 2017. Hundreds of thousands of the toys have been sold in recent months.
Fidget spinner. Boris Roessler

This year's hottest, and arguably dumbest, toy - the fidget spinner - made the top 10 searches in every state and territory except the Northern Territory.

While the toy has been promoted as helping people who have trouble focusing or those who fidget by relieving nervous energy or psychological stress - the craze swept every shopping centre and their popularity led some schools to ban them from class for being a distraction.

Google's What was hot in 2017? trend list is pulled together through searches that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2017 as compared to 2016.


It also showed people saw bitcoin is becoming a part of the lexicon - with people frequently searching for the rising price.

The fluctuating cryptocurrency hit a record high in December before tumbling rapidly soon after.

Whether those searching drank the Koolaid, or just wanted to know what the hell the new buzzword was, though is anyone's guess.

Every state in the country clearly went nuts over the launch of Amazon in Australia - but what a fizzle that was, hey?

The east coast was also keeping a keen eye on that whole North Korea v Donald Trump fiasco - whether a missile could hit the us is still a live issue so I suppose we might still be checking in during 2018.

And many of us will probably doing our Google searches this year on an iPhone 8 if our searching history tells us anything.

Yours in Googleing.