WIRES wildlife white marker
WIRES wildlife white marker

X marks the spot

WHEN you find injured wildlife on or by the side of the road, call WIRES right away and discuss the possibilities with an experienced volunteer before you take any action. WIRES can advise you what to do. You may be able to help relieve the animal's stress until help arrives.

If possible, wait with the animal until the rescuer is on the scene. If you are unable to wait, then mark the spot where the animal is found. It is often difficult for WIRES to locate the animal. Injured animals may also move themselves, so please give an adequate description of the location.

To mark the spot, keep strips of brightly-coloured cloth in your car. You can attach a strip to the nearest tree or bush so the rescuer will be able to spot it easily from the road. Even a fence or a letterbox will do. Be sure to tell WIRES what to look for. Any additional information such as the number on a road marker or letterbox is always helpful.

Many animals are territorial, too, and WIRES is required to release the animal later as close as possible to where it was found.

If you will be travelling outside of the immediate area, please do not take the animal with you. Remember, too, that without a licence, caring for sick or injured wildlife or moving native animals across state and territory borders is an offence.

Contact WIRES for wildlife rescues, advice or inquiries on our 24-hour Hotline - 66281898.