Oh, we thought you meant Status Quo the band. Dang it.
Oh, we thought you meant Status Quo the band. Dang it. Imago Martin

Status Quo the band is great, but not status quo in govt

LAST weekend's state election saw the status quo well and truly in the ascendant.

Which is both a good and bad thing in that I hate the status quo when it comes to governments not dealing with stuff like climate change but I love THE Status Quo, or The Quo as they are known to fans, when it comes to boogie-ing.

Special note here for our younger readers - Status Quo are the guys whose song Down Down Deeper and Down became the Coles TV jingle. They are still going.

The amazing thing about Status Quo was their rock solid consistency.

They could always start off with a bit of mucking around in the intro to the songs but usually by about 45 seconds in they locked in for that good old Brit Rock Boogie we all came to rely on when kicking off Live Aid in 1986 or in our Coles commercials on TV.

So election-wise even after the promise of $100million in infrastructure spending locally, countless words, threats, scare campaigns and even a chilling massacre in New Zealand (which should have scared us off the Shooters Party), we all basically kept boogie-ing on just as we have always done and just like Status Quo, the band, keep doing.

Mind you, things did go a bit off key during the guitar solo when somehow we ended up with Mark Latham on lead guitar in the Legislative Council.

So I'd brace yourself for plenty of bust-ups involving "musical differences" (musician's code words for "I hate their guts and will kill them if I have to be in the same room with them ever again") between Pauline and Mark. I reckon Mark will have left Pauline and the Onsies before they finish their first album.

For those of us who are election night tragics (my favourite thing is to watch the count on telly and yell at the panellists), this one was super dull... worse even than The Quo's twenty-fourth album.

Still, to quote the mighty Quo, "Whatever you want whatever you need", and we seem to want four more years of the same. But we probably don't need it.