Some of the tasty treats you have the opportunity to enjoy as part of the Nutella Road Trip 2017.
Some of the tasty treats you have the opportunity to enjoy as part of the Nutella Road Trip 2017. Samantha Poate

Where to get your free nutella treats

NUTELLA has served a higher purpose in Lennox Head today, as high school students made their way down to the truck to get a sugar hit to sustain them through their assessments.

Juliette McDonald was one of the many students down at the beach this morning, laughing and overwhelmed with excitement as she received her chocolatey treat.

"This is the only thing getting me through my ancient history assessment and I love Nutella so much,” she said.

"I think we can only have one thing (but) I will take everything if I can.”

The Nutella Road Trip has been making a splash all up the coast of NSW, with thousands of people attending each morning to get their hands on one of the six snacks on offer.

Head Chef and Owner of The Night Hawk Diner, Alistair Fogg said they have been extremely busy every day, with their biggest day at Erina Fair having 200 people lined up before the truck was even open.

"I think a lot of the people were lining up again and getting seconds, thirds or fourths,” Mr Fogg said.

Today's Lennox Head special was oat cookies and they certainly did not disappoint.

"We have a pun special, so its Lenn'oats cookies, so they are just oatmeal fruit cookies with Nutella and fruit,”

Mr Fogg said his favourite dish on the menu was the raspberry bagels with basil and Nutella.

Jim Boyd and Christina Parrello said they enjoyed the trucks specials so much they are going to head to Byron tomorrow just for a second taste.

"We obviously did eat it heaps while we were growing up but its not something we would buy all the time,” Mr Boyd said.

They said they were tagged in a post on Facebook and thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce their son Ryder to the popular spread.

The truck has one more stop on the Northern Rivers at Byron Bay Services club tomorrow, July 1.

Tomorrow's special being mini crepes with Nutella and edible flowers.

"Unfortunately I couldn't get flowers in Sydney and bring them up, so if I can't find any in Byron I am going to have to go foraging.”


  • Crazy crumpets
  • Brioche
  • Berry bagel
  • Coco blue pancakes
  • Wacky waffle
  • Chunky Granola

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Byron Bay: Byron Bay Services Club, Saturday July 1, 8:00 - 11:00am