North Coast police warn burnout hoons: You will be caught

WHILE most Northern Rivers motorists were doing everything to avoid becoming an Easter Long Weekend road toll statistic, one hoon at South Lismore had a death wish.

At 2.40pm Easter Sunday a green Commodore pulled out of a driveway, its rear fishtailing dramatically from left to right across three lanes of the Bruxner Highway for 500 metres during medium traffic.

The man did it right in front of police.

The driver was fined with an infringement penalty for operating a vehicle to cause driving wheel/s to undergo sustained loss of traction.

That's a fancy word for 'burnout'.

The burnout left a 150 metre tyre mark across the highway.

This lethal exhibitionism coincided with the Australian AMCA Nationals event at Lismore Speedway, which attracted hundreds of motorheads from around the country. However, many were left frustrated after the event was rained out.

However, David Lander, Lismore Speedway promoter, did not condone illegal behaviour.

Mr Lander lamented there was nowhere in the region where drivers could get their burning desire for burnouts out of their system, safely and legally.

He said that the safe and well-organised burnout pad at the Casino airstrip should be reinstated in a bid to stamp out dangerous driving on public roads.

"That's something I could promote," he said

"There is certainly a demand," he said.

FEBRUARY 2016: Lawn louts

IF Bentley Hall could talk, the old dear would give some louts a serve.

The quaint hall's lawn, maintained by Bentley community stalwarts like, Helen Trustum, was mindlessly vandalised by hoons.

"Louts chopped up the grass all beside the hall with their cars," she said.

"It takes so much to (repair the damage). You've got to level all that out again and let the grass grow and it takes a while."

JULY 2014: Three amigos hospitalised

TWO teenagers were hospitalised after a crash involving three cars on Caniaba Rd at Lismore.

The three male drivers of the crash, one 18-year-old and two 17-year-olds, were all P-Platers.

Police believed the car doing a burnout crashed into the second car, which was travelling along Caniaba Rd, which then crashed into a parked car.

JUNE 2010: Cranky pants gets done

Ocean Shores 22-year old slammed his ute into a power pole and through the fence of a cow paddock after side-swiping a car, whose shocked driver had just pulled over to take a mobile phone call.

His burnout at Lennox Head was witnessed by a senior police officer, Insp Matthew Kehoe, who was clearly unimpressed with his antics. He was found drunk, driving from the Ballina Boxing day races.

The ute went on to the wrong side of the road, had smoke coming from the rear and the rear tyres were screeching.

The young man said he did the burnout because he was 'cranky'.

APRIL 2009 Bundy 'n cola boy in the 's--t'

AFTER dropping a smoking burn-out, teenage P-plater was heard to swear loudly in surprise as he went past a police car that unexpectedly drove upon the scene from the opposite direction.

Police busted the 18-year-old after hearing his revving car doing a 'prolonged' burn-out.

Police facts state that as Hunt drove past them the officers clearly heard him swear.

A breath analysis revealed a mid-range blood/alcohol reading of 0.105.

He told police he drank 12 cans of Bundaberg Rum and Cola that evening and not eaten a meal.

Magistrate Jeff Linden said the teenagers use of the word 's--t' was appropriate -'quite frankly that's what you are in'.