FINALIST: Above, a still from the short film Foil Man.
FINALIST: Above, a still from the short film Foil Man.

Who are the 15 filmmakers telling our stories on film?

BYRON All Shorts, part of the local leg of the Flickerfest tour for 2019, will showcase 15 local short films in under two hours this weekend.

This year, Flickerfest is celebrating 28 years since its first screening in Sydney and 21 in the area.

The event also includes screenings of short films from Australia and around the world over three days, starting tomorrow.

Act Natural

Writer and director: Luca Fox.

Producer: Natalie Grube.

A short film that seeks to exhibit the inner battle that occurs in people with high functioning Autism as they engage in everyday conversation.

Hemp Revival

Director and Producer: Keita Ikawa.

A documentary about a local construction company who are growing their own hemp & using it as a building material.

Premiere screening.

A Different Gallery

Director and Producer: Susie Forster.

Every three years, Samantha Moss turns the riverside and parklands at Brunswick Heads into a natural sculpture walk that locals and visitors alike fall in love with.

Find out how this surprising exhibition marries nature, art and community in a different way to a gallery.

Premiere screening.

Foil Man

Writer, director and producer: Krista Werner.

An alien from a distant planet arrives to the Northern Rivers, where he encounters some of the locals.

Premiere screening.

Let's Stick Together

Directors and producers: David Lowe and Eve Jeffery.

A group of 'artivists' trying to stop gasfields from destroying the Pilliga Forest in NSW show how important it is to stick together.

A thank you present to everyone standing up to protect the places they love.

Premiere screening.

Spirit Walker

Director and producer: Darius Devas.

The Spirit Walker tells the inspirational story of 27 year old indigenous man Clinton Pryor's 6000km walk from Perth to Canberra, to meet with the Prime Minister in the name of justice for his people.

The film shows Clinton's meeting with the Prime Minister and offers a message of hope.

Githabul Return

Writers: Dailan Pugh and Jennie Dell.

Director and producer: Jimmy Maleki.

The first occupation of the earliest white settlers in Northern New South Wales was to cut down trees for house and shipbuilding timbers.

Forest giants revered by local Aboriginal people as Grandfather and Grandmother trees, were felled, floated downriver to the sea, shipped away and sold.

Courage For The Long Haul

Writer, director and producer: Rani Brown.

Community movements unite beyond political affiliation to help protect our life support systems on Earth.

Two women talk about their roles within a movement of untold thousands, sharing insights into what sustains them.

NSW premiere screening.


Writer, director and producer: Jan Constantin Quast (SAE Byron).

This documentary offers an insight into the sustainability of the surf industry, starting with the basic element need, the surfboard.

Phantom Cat

Director and producer: Fabienne Neff (SAE Byron).

Does the black panther exist in our region? Or is it a mythical creature?

Premiere screening.


Writer and dircetor: Kaitlyn McMurtry.

Producer: Kerry Chavez (AFTRS)

Three young girls face a reality where men abuse and disrespect them on a daily basis. It's not a dream, or a fantasy world. It's real life. The only solace they can find, is in each other.

Premiere screening.


Director and producer: Elsa Stewart (SAE Byron).

An intimate character study of 90-year-old Libby Mills from Putney, Vermont, USA, who's heartfelt story takes one on an emotional journey of love, loss and resilience.

Premiere Screening.

Dust Devils

Director and producer: Poppy Walker.

In Death Valley's ghost town, a dancer brings her gilded dream to life.


Writer, co-director and producer: Clare Sladden.

Co-director: Jasmine Sladden.

A group of plucky dolls initiate an emotional break-up in a last ditch attempt to escape a toxic relationship.

Seeking Safety

Writer, director and producer: Lizzie Kirkpatrick (Cape Byron Steiner)

Seeking Safety reflects the serious social conscience of its 14 year old film-maker.

It contrasts the lives of two unlikely friends, a girl growing up in the benign safety of Byron Bay, and an Afghan refugee, who crossed the seas by boat to seek asylum in Australia at a very young age.

Abdul, the subject of the film, couldn't be photographed because of fears of retribution by the Taliban but his words are meaningful, haunting and unforgettable.

Premiere screening.


This year's finalists compete for three awards, to be announced on the Sunday session, at 8pm. The awards are:

  • IQ & Flickerfest Best Short Film: $250 cash, Avid Media Composer Software, Screenworks Membership, Season Pass + 1 to Byron Bay Flickerfest 2020.
  • SAE Qantm Emerging Talent: $250 cash, 1/2 day edit or film shoot (by In Your Face Productions), Screenworks Membership, Season Pass + 1 to Byron Bay Flickerfest 2020.
  • SCCU Audience Award - Best Short Film: $250 cash, 1/2 day edit or film shoot (by In Your Face Productions), Screenworks Membership, Season Pass + 1 to Byron Bay Flickerfest 2020.


At Mullum Civic Hall, 55 Dalley St, Mullumbimby, on Saturday, January 26, from 4pm.