A Lismore Knitting Nanna Against Gas received this letter in the mail.
A Lismore Knitting Nanna Against Gas received this letter in the mail. Contributed

OPINION: Who talks like that in front of nannas?

I DON'T quite understand the mentality behind people abusing a group like the Knitting Nannas.

They would have to be one of the most benign protest groups in recorded history.

A group that gets together and knits at various sites around the region, doesn't seem particularly threatening in any way.

And yet a disturbing piece of hate mail arrived at the personal addresses of two local Nannas on Wednesday.

One of the notes was hastily scribbled on a scrap of paper and contained a spelling mistake, which may have been an indication of the lack of thought put into its composition.

It said: "Smame [sic] Shame - you knitting nanna fat sl*t - go & do something decent".

They have also been the subject of verbal tirades from passing motorists such as "get a f**king job".

I don't know anyone who would use that sort of language around their own nanna, so why would it be appropriate for this group?

It doesn't even matter whether the Nannas are in fact nannas or not, that level of language is crude and uncalled for.

Raising the issues of gender and body image is particularly insensitive and entirely inappropriate.

Regardless of what you think of the Nannas, or the CSG issue in general, you couldn't help but admire them for the quirky way they go about protesting.

It sure beats star pickets, barbed wires and police in riot gear confronting lines of protesters.

Leave the Nannas alone. They may even knit you a beanie for winter if you are nice to them.