The Northern Rivers best pizza as voted by readers. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer
The Northern Rivers best pizza as voted by readers. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer Brenda Strong GLA130412DANC

Who was crowned Northern Rivers best pizza?

THERE are many factors that make up a great pizza.

For you, maybe it's the perfectly crisp crust.

Or perhaps it's the array of toppings that counts - from meat-overload, gooey cheese or opt for the minimal, more gourmet-style toppings such as prosciutto and blue cheese.

According to our readers, they love pizza, and they love Lismore's Mr Mozzarella pizza the most.

Store manager Cameron Austin said they were stoked to hear the news, "especially after the flood".

"We're so lucky to have such good produce around this area," Mr Austin said.

"Even the beef and bacon we get from the butcher for our pizzas is primo quality.

"Just little things we've been able to tap into for our pizzas has made it so much easier for us and we are working with local businesses."

He said their goal was to convert as close as possible to 100 per cent local ingredients.

"Our chicken we get from Murwillumbah, our beef is from Country Meats, our sauces are from Richmond Hill and our fruit and veg is from PJ's."

The store has a huge menu that caters for everyone with more than 30 different pizzas, along with other goodies.

"We have a massive menu - we've got vegan pizzas with vegan aioli and pepperoni, there's gluten free too," Mr Austin said.

"We've tried to cater to as many people as we can and we are constantly trying to bring more stuff to the table. We are doing sweet cronuts at the moment.

"We love the creative side of our business so we are constantly looking at new things to try and new ingredients - we have been playing around with some savoury cronuts at the moment with brie cheese and caramelised onion.

"We're not the type of business that sticks to the same menu and never changes - we will always change.

"It will be completely different every 12 months... we're keeping things interesting."

Best pizza as voted by readers:

1. Mr Mozzarella

2. Mega Pizza

3. Raamons

4. Earth Oven

5. Equal fifth: Cassino Pizza in Casino and Brighton St in Ballina