Danielle Mulholland is seeking another term as mayor of Kyogle at Monday's mayoral elections.
Danielle Mulholland is seeking another term as mayor of Kyogle at Monday's mayoral elections. Contributed

Who will lead Kyogle council?

WHILE no one has yet to oppose Kyogle Mayor Danielle Mulholland ahead tonight's election, there's tipped to be at least one spanner in the works.

Kyogle councillors will elect their mayor during tonight's council meeting for a two year period, in accordance to Section 227 of the Local Government Act, 1993.

Councillors will further decide their deputy mayor for the same mayoral term or a shorter term, in which Cr John Burley is confirmed to be seeking another term in the position.

While all formal nominations must be lodged in writing to the general manager and returning officer of the election, Graham Kennett, by 5pm this afternoon by two or more councillors (one of whom may be the nominee), councillors can also nominate without notice at the council meeting.

Mayor Mulholland, who is standing for the position again, said there was a good chance of other nominations coming in on the night.

"If previous years are anything to go by, there are always other nominations and those other nominations come in on the day,” Cr Mulholland said.

"You can never predict it.

"I'm feeling good but there are always some butterflies leading up to this kind of election.”

Cr Mulholland said the only year she ran unopposed in the mayoral election was in 2012.

"I think it would be great to run unopposed again because it's an indicator that my whole council is behind me,” she said.

"They're backing their mayor.

"I can also understand that people are looking for their own opportunities.

"All councillors are in it for the right reasons and when people put their hand up, they do because they think they can do a good job. I'd like to wish all the candidates the best of luck and we will see what happens (tonight).”

On election night, if there are two or more nominations for a particular position, councillors need to vote again. But first their method of voting needs to be decided.

The council recommendation is that the election method should be by open voting or voting by a show of hands, though councillors can choose to move a motion for a secret ballot on the night.

Once this is decided, councillors keep voting until only two candidates remain and one of the councillors gets the least amount of votes. Because there are nine councillors, this should be straightforward, unless a councillor throws a vote or makes an invalid vote and the election is 4-4. In this case it will go to a hat draw to decide who will be mayor or deputy mayor.