REMEMBERING: Misty water colour memories of the way we weren't.
REMEMBERING: Misty water colour memories of the way we weren't. Contributed

Why Byron Bay really is your true spiritual home

BYRON Bay is the place where memories are made, the place we remember coming to for the first time and the place we remember things about ourselves we had forgotten.

Its also the place we remember things about ourselves that are best left in the past.

Sure, some recovered memories can be life affirming and liberating, others not so much.

For instance, after you checked in at the Airbnb and sat around your first drumming circle up at The Wreck carpark you remembered this was your real spiritual home after all.

It can be wonderful to remember we are all just part of the universe, connected to its natural rhythms and we are all brothers and sisters who should celebrate this beautiful truth by dancing like no one is watching. Or some such.

That's all fine but if you have forgotten to remember you yourself have less natural rhythm than Peter Garrett, then that's a bad thing.

The expressions on the faces of your significant other and the kids, as they watch you twirling around in the the middle of the Byron Farmers Market at the Cavanbah car park to the shamanic dronings of the white guy playing the 'didge' with his feet and a slide guitar, should probably set off alarms bells or at least some warning finger cymbals.

While visiting Byron you may suddenly remember you once owned a Colonel Sanders Coolite surfboard when you were a nipper. The sting of the board rash is still etched into your sub-conscious like it was yesterday.

Now, nearly 25 years later, it seems like a great idea to go hire a 10 foot Malibu and show the kids how it's done by hitting the waves at the Pass.

That's where you'll meet the many friendly local surfers only to happy to dispense helpful advice regarding surfing etiquette.

The locals may seem very angry indeed, but really they are more than happy to welcome novice surfers onto the one and only take off point for that 6 foot peak.

As a newly newly minted Coolite wave god you may even get to meet one of Byron shire's highly regarded Surf Lifesavers when the sweep drags you down to Belongil or you get knocked unconscious by your own board.

They'll even help disentangle the blue bottle from around your groin.

Many visitors to Byron Shire also remember how well they used to be able ride bicycles and skate boards, saying words to the effect of,

"We never had decent public transport where I grew up so we used to just take off all day on our pushies towing our mates along on their skate boards

Your significant other may pipe up with a helpful, "You never mentioned that before so remember to wear a hel..."

"Nah, I'm good, you never forget how to ride a bike."

Once again, the helpful staff at Byron Bay Hospital Accident and Emergency have plenty of experience helping people deal with their recovered memories and they will have you fitted for that giant black plastic ski boot you have to wear for the next 6 month in no time.

You'll finally have the time to finish the book about spiritual awakenings you started reading last time you were in Byron.