One of two developments proposed for this area in West Byron may be determined by the JRPP today.
One of two developments proposed for this area in West Byron may be determined by the JRPP today. Coastal Risk Australia

Why decision on $40 million development could be delayed

A DECISION on a major development at West Byron could be delayed.

The $40 million residential subdivision proposed by West Byron Landowners Group had been set down for a Joint Regional Planning Panel determination meeting in Mullumbimby this afternoon.

But Northern JRPP chairman Garry West said it was "possible" the matter could be deferred after late information was received by the applicant.

The late documents, from DAC Planning and ACOR Consultants on behalf of the West Byron Landowners Group, were uploaded to the JRPP website last Wednesday and were dated September 19 and 5, respectively.

On Friday, an addendum assessment report from Byron Shire Council was made public.

In the applicant's late documents, planners said the "originally proposed development was for 378 residential lots" but they had removed "small lots contained with the super lots" following a meeting with council staff.

They have now proposed a total of 186 lots including 163 residential lots, 14 "master lots", two business lots totalling 8080sqm, one recreation lot of 8837sqm, two industrial lots totalling 13,922sqm and four residue lots.

The proposal's plans, to be carried out in 12 stages, have also been "amended by deleting dual occupancy lots which do not comply with (the) Byron Development Control Plan 2014".

In the original and addendum assessment reports, the council's staff recommended the proposal be refused from "an engineering viewpoint".

Mr West said whether or not the JRPP makes a decision today would be a matter for the entire panel.

"A lot of late information has been provided to council," he said.

"Council hasn't completed its assessment."

Mr West said he understood the late information was presented to the council the day its original report was completed, in late September.

He said "a number of members of the public" had registered to speak at today's meeting and he believed the applicant would also make an oral submission.

The proposal neighbours a $25 million plan put forward by Villa World.

This DA is also before the JRPP, but it's understood the council's report for that proposal has not been completed and a determination meeting has not yet been scheduled.

The matters were previously considered together at a public hearing in June, in which more than 30 speakers spoke exclusively in opposition to both proposals.