The first of 57 girders has been installed on the $48 million Tabulam bridge.
The first of 57 girders has been installed on the $48 million Tabulam bridge.

Why has work stopped on the Tabulam bridge?

NO ONE official is willing to explain why work has stopped on the Tabulam Bridge.

Few vehicles remain at the site where weeks before, trucks and cranes marked the Tabulam landscape.

Roads and Maritime Services refuse to confirm or deny there are any issues with the bridge works or with the construction company, Delaney Civil.

When contacted they sent a statement: "We can confirm the previous answer to your inquiry still stands and Roads and Maritime Services will not be making any further comment at this time."

Their previous comment was a general statement about RMS "working closely with all of its contractors to ensure their obligations are met".

A worker at the site, who asked not to be named, said work had ceased because the wrong mix of concrete was poured into one of the pylons and it didn't set.

Work was stopped while they investigated who gave the order for that mix of cement and who will be paying for the mistake, they said.

Delaney Civil head office has been contacted several times by phone and email for a comment.

None was forthcoming.

Lismore MP Janelle Saffin said she was reassured by RMS' latest status report from its Sydney corporate affairs office that the bridge will be delivered on time and on budget.

"We all want that but less certain is surety around what local residents see as a reduction in bridge workers patronising the town," she said.

"This is the question which keeps getting raised in the community... given the uncertainty, and given that the community keeps raising it, my duty as the local Member is to raise it in Parliament."